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School Ghost Walk

British Schools Museum - 41-42 Queen Street, Hitchin SG4 9TS, United Kingdom

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Ever felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? How about a sudden chilly draught when there are no doors or windows open? Or maybe you feel like you're being watched when there's no one else around? Well now's your chance to experience those feelings within the dimly lit walls of the Victorian British Schools Museum!

Take a deep breath and join us on a guided walk around the Museum 'after-hours' and learn about the accounts of people who have felt something inexplicable- or perhaps even 'other-worldly'- right here at the school. Your guide will not 'make anything up' or try to sway your opinion either way- instead you will hear the stories that have been told over the years and make your own mind up. 

However, if ghosts do exist...what better place to haunt than a 200 year old school...?

Last Wednesdays of the month, 6pm start from inside the school playground.
Recommended ages 14+. Children must be accompanied by an adult.


41-42 Queen Street, Hitchin SG4 9TS, United Kingdom (Get Directions)